We are Innovators in the field of Agriculture & Food. We offer technologies on turnkey. Manufacturing to marketing assistance is provided for the products we have innovated. Business people can expand and grow their businesses using these innovations.

**Here are some of our Innovations: **

Generation of Rural employment via manufacturing and selling unique innovative patentable products is the key to the progress of our nation. We offer technology and services for the new innovative products developed by us for Rural/Tribal people who could gain sustainable honorable employment.

  • Dehydrated Green Coriander leaves, Garlic ,Ginger and other spices

Two Minute Rice and Curry Colour and flavor of products is maintained. They can be rehydrated to original fresh state

  • Non invasive novel weed killer resulting in saving of poisonous chemicals sprayed

  • Ayurvedic Organic Insect Repellent Nano- Neem HERBOCURE for agro crops to be dusted/sprayed on crops in the form of 10 micron fine powder

Organic 10 micron fine powder to be mixed with Urea for delayed release of Nitrogen Manufacture of single herb extract in capsules to prevent asthma andbreathlessness

  • Manufacture of ayurvedic herbal mosquitto repellent coils with minimum smoke