HerboCure is my Innovation for your consideration. The process can be patented. India is encouraging organic farming. Your contribution to the cause would be significant as it will help resurrect organic farming in India. I am old enough to go into manufacturing. But I can offer turnkey assistance throughout the project if called upon.


An Organic Herbal Pesticide cum Micronutrient


Herbocure is a microfined mixture of dried Neem (Azadirecta Indica) , Karanj (Pongamia) fruits and five herbs. The product is a fine 100 micron size powder. It is mixed in water and immediately sprayed in the afternoon sun on crops. The water is evaporated and the ultra fine nano particles of pesticide reside various parts of the crop and protect it from the attack of insects.


Dried Neem Fruit contains oil. Hence it cannot be be ground into fine particles. A new process is innovated to enable this operation. Neem contains 254 compounds so far identified. Each fine particle of herbocure contains the goodness and effectiveness of Neem. Moreover sphere is a shape tonhat contains largest surface area. Hence the product covers large area of crops and offers protection from insects. We all know about the white innovation called Azadirectin. Unfortunately it is one single ingredient isolated from Neem and is unstable as soon as sprayed on crops. Entire goodness of Neem is derived from Herbocure.

PRODUCT Herbocure comes in moisture proof pack of 5 Kgs each. Spraying of 10 Kgs per acre every 15 Days throughout the crop cycle is recommended. Water dilution is left to the user.


  1. In house trials on Grapes, Bhendi and Tomato are found to give good yield.
  2. Jain Irrigation Jalgaon conducted scientific trials on Onion crop using Herbocure, Chemical Pesticides and control. The results are very good and the yield using organic pesticide is 90 % to that of using Chemical pesticides.
  3. VNIT Nagpur has been given a grant of Rs 22 Lakh to carry on further research on this product,by BARC Mumbai. 04. Extensive field trials are on at various research farms of BAIF ltd Pune a large NGO who operates all over India for Rural development. BAIF Pune has extensive research on vegetables. Results are positive.


  1. Pest repellent.
  2. Coat urea for sustained release of Nitrogen.
  3. Apply on the soil as manure and prevent fungal infection.
  4. As micronutrient.
  5. Make Mosquito Repellent coils.
  6. Make Cockroach repellent liquid.Make Termite proof satches for cupboards and place stored grains and flour to keep weevils away.


Herbocure being ayurvedic and herbal in nature, will repel insects and not necessarily kill them. It is reported that the reproductive system of the insects is affected after eating the product particles. Optimisarion lies in using Chemical pesticides and Herbocure in due proportions throughout the crop cycle and get the best results.