It is estimated that India loses worth Rs 20,000/- Crores Farm produce due to degradation of foods, fruites and vegetables. We have developed a low intensity state of the art microwaves/ solar/clean air technology which rapidly dehydrates the perishable farm produce which guarantees long shelf life. We offer know how and show how of this process on turnkey basis to Farmers who can manufacture and market these dried products made from fresh farm produce.

Please refer to the following products that can be manufactured –

  1. Two minute Rice, Dal. Khichadi and Sambhar Bath/Upma
  2. Green Corriander Leaves.
  3. Garlic flakes/Powder
  4. Ginger Flakes/Powder
  5. Green Chilly Flakes/ Powder.
  6. Onion Flakes/Rings/Powder/ RECOVERY of 85 % water lost in atmosphere.
  7. Dehydration of fruits, Vegetables,Chemicals, Engg plastics and Vulcanisation of Rubber.


  1. Rapid moisture removal at 90% efficiency while normal drier efficiency is only 15 % max and Sundrying oxidizes the material.
  2. Colour and flavour of the product is maintained. For example dried Corriander leaves remain green and maintain its flavor after rehydration or cooking.
  3. Product is low in Dehydrating cost is max Rs 10 /- per Kg of input.
  4. All the products mentioned above are unique and innovative and hence can attract venture capital.


  1. Export
  2. Armed Forces
  3. Malls
  4. Hotels
  5. Caterers
  6. Housewife
  7. Single working men and Women
  8. Students staying without families.
  9. Indians visiting Foreign locations.

This process can be custom- developed to dehydrate many fresh farm products. Even a small farmer producing fruits and vegetables can install a custom designed small plant on his farm. This way none of his produce will go waste. Moreover if he is not happy about the market price he can dehydrate his produce and sell it to any export house. We manufacture Batch type and Custom built continuous belt driven microwaves powered tunnels of specifications required by customer. Microwaves are 2450 MHZ electromagnetic waves . This frequency is reserved for heating applications. The speed of the conveyor belt is continuous varying from 0 to 10 Meters per minute. Power ranges from 0 to 100 KW . Microwaves remove moisture from the product rapidly and efficiently.

Our customers are ::

  1. Vulcanising of rubber. Rubber parts manufactiurers.
  2. Dehydration of chemicals. Chemical plants requiring rapid drying.
  3. Dehydration of Spices. Maintains color and flavor of the products.
  4. Devloping new spices like dry Coriander,Ginger,Garlic,Kadhipatta and Green Chilly. Green color and flavor is maintained.
  5. Two minute foods like Rice,Dal,Khichadi and Sambar Bhat and Noodles.
  6. Dehydration of aquaous extracts.
  7. Sterilisation of products free from Baacteria.
  8. Keep packed wheat atta and other flour products free from weevils.
  9. Preheating and drying of engineering plastics before moulding and extrusion.

Before going into large production plant we offer a small Lab type microwave equipment on which customer can conduct various dehydration experiments with different materials and arrive at buying decision of production plant.